The What and How

There are four ingredients in my work:

1. Wire
2. Polymer Clay
3. Acrylic artist's paint
4. My imagination

I have developed my own methods of using this medium. First I make the wire armature, then I just sort of gob on the clay in the general shape that I am after. Then I carve the figure, mostly with an exacto knife. I leave wires sticking out of the feet. I bake them, and set them aside while I make the base. I fasten the feet into the base and bake again. Then I paint them.

This cannot be done with earthen clay, as earthen clay must be fired at a much higher temperature. The clay and the wire will expand and contract at different rates, causing the piece to crack or shatter. Polymer clay is a very durable medium. Of course it will break if abused, but it does not deteriorate. I have some twenty year old work that is just as I made it twenty years ago. Everything that I make is one of a kind and original. All of my work is signed and is marked with my fingerprints.

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