I have been an artist all of my life, but I am self taught. I've never been to art school. Years ago, when my children were young (I have four), I supported us by drawing or painting anything that I could sell. I had cards made that simply said "S.M. Mohler, Artist." All winter I would paint the things that I knew, wild flowers, birds, etc., on anything that would take the paint (no money for canvas, paper or frames). In the summer I sold them at fairs and festivals, where I passed out my cards. People would call me and ask if I could paint this or that, and I would always say "Yes I can." Then I would learn to do it. This was my art training. If I failed there was no one to give me a bad grade. If I failed, I didn't get paid. This meant no money for food, electricity or new shoes for somebody in the house. I had some really strange assignments, but I always figured out how to do it and got paid. I lived in NE Ohio. I exhibited work in Summit, Stark and Portage Counties there. I moved to Yellow Springs in SE Ohio 12 years ago. Since that time, I have continually exhibited and sold my work.

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